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About Us

Our Mission

To produce the cleanest, most beneficial and enlightening cannabis grown and processed as nature intended; outdoors, under the sun, all organically, in native soils fed by the cleanest water in New Mexico.

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Our Farm

The farm is a legacy inholding in the middle of the Gila Wilderness Area and has never had any commercial agriculture in the fields. There are no neighboring farms within 50 miles, thus no pesticide drift or chemical fertilizers leaching through the groundwater. It is watered by the Gila River, the last free flowing river in the southwest. The last peoples to farm here were the Mimbres people and their successors from 900-1,400 AD. We’re excited to be here and so are the cannabis plants.

Our Methods

Our plants are grown in our sandy loam, the native soil irrigated by water from the Gila River. Our modest fertilizer regime uses only OMRI certified organic materials. Because we are in such a healthy and balanced natural environment there is very little need for pest control, if any we use strictly biological agents or beneficial insects. We grow from both seeds and clones sourced from the most reputable and diverse group of breeders available. The flower is all handpicked and hung dry. It is gently hand-bucked to preserve terpenes and cured in a temperature and humidity controlled dark facility at 65-70 degrees and 48-55% humidity.

Our Genetics

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